LED Boards


AC Powered LED Modules & RGB LED Modules &
Phosphor-Based Packed LED Modules




ALLIX's Quad Color-Chip

A 5050 pkg. that has 4 different colors & bandwidths of your choice.

A 5050 pkg. that has 4 different colors & bandwidths of your choice in shades of white FOR TUNEABLE LED Boards!

ALLIX also have seen many demands in high CRI tunable LED's (2,700K ~ 6,500K) used as human centric lighting at Hospitals & Surgery Bays,
Museum Lighting, Plant Growth, Inspection Lighting, etc.
Our Quad-Chip 5050 pkg. allows 4 different colors in 1 package. (5050 pkg. / 0.2 ~ 0.3W per LED)

FLEX-Strip (LED's)


LED Drivers

LED Driver with Built-In Occ. Sensor

Matchbook LED Drivers

ACE Programmable LED Drivers

Available in 25 watt, 40 watt, and 60 watt versions.









MicroPack MP-10 Series

350 mA DC, 700 mA DC, and 1000 mA DC for up to 75 Watts of total power


X-Series LED Drivers X-Series LED Drivers

XENOLED (High Intensity COB) XENOLD COB         
SMD LED's 3528 SMD LED 5450 SMD LED 5630 SMD LED 9280 SMD LED   
Leaded LED's Leaded LEDs        
COB (Liner Bar & Multi- Power) COB Multi-Power COB Linear Bar      
LED Boards BriLED-pic1  SMD LED Board       

ALLIX has High-Quality Manufacturing of LED's & COB's

ALLIX now supplies our COBs with holders and heart sinks...we call it "COB engine".



90-264VAC, 100 Watts

90-264VAC, 200 Watts



LED Fixtures




Design & Assembly of LED Fixtures in Solemec's China Facility



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LLC66x7 Silicon Collimators by GAGGIONE - Short Edit from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.



LLC66Z7 67mm Silicone Zoom Collimator from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.


GAGGIONE LLH66 Ecosystem from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.



GAGGIONE LLC59 45mm colour mixing range from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.



LED Retro-Fit Kits




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