LED Boards


AC Powered LED Modules & RGB LED Modules &
Phosphor-Based Packed LED Modules




ALLIX's Quad Color-Chip

A 5050 pkg. that has 4 different colors & bandwidths of your choice.

A 5050 pkg. that has 4 different colors & bandwidths of your choice in shades of white FOR TUNEABLE LED Boards!

ALLIX also have seen many demands in high CRI tunable LED's (2,700K ~ 6,500K) used as human centric lighting at Hospitals & Surgery Bays,
Museum Lighting, Plant Growth, Inspection Lighting, etc.
Our Quad-Chip 5050 pkg. allows 4 different colors in 1 package. (5050 pkg. / 0.2 ~ 0.3W per LED)

FLEX-Strip (LED's)


LED Drivers

LED Driver with Built-In Occ. Sensor

Matchbook LED Drivers

ACE Programmable LED Drivers

Available in 25 watt, 40 watt, and 60 watt versions.










MicroPack MP-10 Series

350 mA DC, 700 mA DC, and 1000 mA DC for up to 75 Watts of total power


X-Series LED Drivers X-Series LED Drivers

XENOLED (High Intensity COB) XENOLD COB         
SMD LED's 3528 SMD LED 5450 SMD LED 5630 SMD LED 9280 SMD LED   
Leaded LED's Leaded LEDs        
COB (Liner Bar & Multi- Power) COB Multi-Power COB Linear Bar      
LED Boards BriLED-pic1  SMD LED Board       

ALLIX has High-Quality Manufacturing of LED's & COB's

ALLIX now supplies our COBs with holders and heart sinks...we call it "COB engine".



90-264VAC, 100 Watts

90-264VAC, 200 Watts



LED Fixtures


Smart Electric


















Wall Packs



Design & Assembly of LED Fixtures in Solemec's China Facility





LED Retro-Fit Kits




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