ACE LED Boards

Emergency Battery Back-Up's for LED Fixtures



Constant Power & Constant Current


LED Drivers


LED Driver with Built-In Occ. Sensor

Matchbook LED Drivers

ACE Programmable LED Drivers

Available in 25 watt, 40 watt, and 60 watt versions.









MicroPack MP-10 Series

350 mA DC, 700 mA DC, and 1000 mA DC for up to 75 Watts of total power


X-Series LED Drivers X-Series LED Drivers

Blu-Tooth Drivers






90-264VAC, 100 Watts

90-264VAC, 200 Watts



LED Fixtures




Design & Assembly of LED Fixtures in Solemec's China Facility



NEW Optics Products / CLICK HERE




DOW Corning Case study CLICK HERE



LLC66x7 Silicon Collimators by GAGGIONE - Short Edit from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.



LLC66Z7 67mm Silicone Zoom Collimator from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.


GAGGIONE LLH66 Ecosystem from GAGGIONE SAS on Vimeo.





LED Retro-Fit Kits




Smart ECO Lighting / Royrex Tech

Plant Growth LED's & COB's



Royrex / Smart ECO Lighting




Demo video of basic features for Qaudim Blue Tooth control system for LED lights.

B+L Technologies

Watch Qaudim Basic Demo Video

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